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  • 47
    The World As We Know It Is About To End.

  • 46
    Truth Is A Fruit.

  • 45
    Slow Down, Forever Is A Very Long Time.

  • 44
    The Light Shines In Darkness,
    And The Darkness Comprehends It Not.

  • 43
    Death Could Not Hold Him, Life Is Who He Is.

  • 42
    (My WORD Is Truth.)

  • 41
    (The Lord Does Not Beat His Bride)
    (But Keeps Her Safe From The Great Tribulation.)

  • 40
    (Let Your Light So Shine, That Men May Glorify God.)

  • 39
    (The Lord's Words Are Life Unto Those That Find Them.)

  • 38
    (The Lord Grows In Your Humanity, Learn To Love. )

  • 37
    (Life Is Fragile, Love Is Not.)

  • 36
    (The Holy Spirit Beckons You To Come Closer.)

  • 35
    (A Fire Of God Goes Off,)
    (A Fire Of God Goes Off In Me.)

  • 34
    (The Mystery Of A Love That Cannot Be Greater.)

  • 33
    (There Comes A Time in Life)
    (When We Must Cross Our Own Jordan River.)

  • 32
    (To Bare The Cross)
    (Is To Wear The Crown.)

  • 31
    (Its Not The Time To Be Afraid Of Speaking)
    (WORD Of GOD.)

  • 30
    (The Disciples Were Stunned)
    (When They Saw The Love Jesus Possessed.)

  • 29
    (If Your Going To Have Peace)
    (You Have To Look To It's Author)

  • 28
    (The Lord In Human Form Prayed.)

  • 27
    (The Tree Is Known By It's Fruit.)

  • 26
    (The Power of The Bible Is Not)
    (In How Loud You Can Speak.)

  • 25
    (The Lord Plants Dreams)
    (So That He May Bring Them To Pass.)

  • 24.
    (The Promises of God)
    (Are for Whosoever Will.)

  • 23.
    (I Am Thy Strength.)

  • 22.
    (Talents Are A Gift,)
    (Character Is A Choice.)

  • 21.
    (The Counsel Of The Ungodly)
    (Is Called Reason.)

  • 20.
    (God Grades On The Cross,)
    (And Not On The Curve.)

  • 19.
    (Flawed People Are Loved By The Flawless God.)

  • 18.
    (The Word Of God Has Power Within It,)
    (It Contains Life.)

  • 17.
    (Even When We Fail, The Lord Still Loves Us.)

  • 16.
    (God Inhabits The Praises Of His People.)

  • 15.
    (Life Is Like A Coin,)
    (You Can Spend It Anyway You Like)
    (But Only Once.)

  • 14.
    (God Counts Death As An Enemy.)

  • 13.
    (Fall Forward, Jesus Will Catch You.)

    (Truly What You Carry Of God You Carry In Your Heart.)

  • 11.
    (There Ain't No High Like The Most High.)

  • 10.
    (The Bible is Not A Set Of Rules)
    (But A Bag Of Seeds)

  • 9.
    (Most Of Us In Our Anger Choose Badly.)

    "We All Have The Gift of Healing.
    Its Already Here Each Time
    We Embrace The Pain Of Someone Else."
    "When You Feel Their Feelings, And Comfort Them,
    Their Pain Lessens."

  • 8.
    (No Murmuring Or Fault Finding,)

  • 7.
    (What One Generation Tolerates,)
    (The Next Generation Embraces.)

  • 6.
    (Your Life Will Be A Harvest Of All The Words)
    (You Have Ever Spoken.)

  • 5.
    (Being Anxious About Tomorrow Doesn't Help Tomorrow,)
    (It Only Steals Your Joy For Today.)

  • 4.
    (Wherever Jesus Was Honored)
    (He Left A Blessing.)

  • 3.
    (Grace Is A Person, Jesus Christ.)

  • 2.

  • (God Meets Us At The Level)
    (Of Our Expectations.)

    "God Came Close."

    I Haven't Followed Any Denomination For Over 45 Years.
    Nevertheless My Love Extends To Many.

    I Had Kept All This Inside Except For A Few Close Relatives. Back In The Early 80's My Wife and I Heard
    There Was a Healing Priest Coming to a Nearby Town 30 Miles Away.
    So After We Talked We Decided To Ask Her Young Sister and a Friend (Teens) to Come Along.
    We Didn't Know Anything About These Healing Services.
    There Was a Good Size Crowd and And We Didn't Wait Long, The Service Started.
    Soon The Priest Came Out and People Went to The Front Of The Church.
    There Was a 2 step up to where The Priest was,
    So the People Stepped up to The 1st. stair And Waited.
    The Stair Was a Long Semi Circle Shape 40 ft. Across.
    The First Group (40 People) Lined up Abreast,
    With a New Person Standing Behind each One of Them Forming a Line.
    After The Priest Came By and Touched Each Person on The Head,
    Some Would Turn Around and Leave, Others would Fall Backwards.
    This went on For a While, Then Came My Turn.
    The Man In Front of Me Turned, Stepped down and I took His Place.
    Probably 7 Minutes Later The Priest Returned, Now My Turn.
    He Placed His Hand on Me, Prayed and Nothing.
    Then He Walked Away Going Down The Line.
    All The Others Next To Me Just turned and Walked Away.
    I Can't Say Why I Did It.
    I Just Stood There, I wasn't Being a Smart Aleck.
    I Saw The People Leaving and Inside Me I Didn't want to Go.
    I Wanted Something, Inside Me I Wanted Something. There Were A Lot of People.
    I Noticed This Lady All Dressed In Black,
    They Were Standing In The Rear Of The Church.
    She Was Standing There With Another Priest With His Hand On Her Shoulder,
    She Was Just Standing There, Probably a Dozen Others Around Her.
    Immediately She Started Walking Straight Toward Me.
    I Didn't Expect That.
    They Stood in Front of Me, She Had Around Her Neck The Largest Rosary Beads I Ever Saw,
    The Beads Were The Size of Small Eggs.
    The Crucifix Itself Was Like 15 Inches Long.
    She Placed Her Fingers Of Her Right Hand Over My Heart,
    And Her Left Hand On The Priests' Stole Around His Neck.
    He In Turn Placed His Left Hand on My Head And His Right Hand Holding (a Bible ??)
    They Started Praying, For A Few Minutes.
    Then It Happened, The Lord Touched Touched My Heart
    The Finger of God Had Just Touched Me.
    I Was Stunned, My Whole Inside Just Exploded.
    My God What Had Just Happened.
    What Had Happened.
    I Looked At The Woman And The Priest, They Just Turned.
    They Were Walking Away Down The Row of People.
    I Turned and Made My Way Back To My Seat, Dumbfounded.
    Nothing, Nothing In Life Had Ever Felt Like That.
    So Wonderful, Words Cannot Express
    The Expolsion Of Joy, Peace, Glee That Overcame Me.
    I Felt The Glory That Is Our King. O' Heavens I Await Thee.
    I Just Sat There Trying To Fathom What Had Happened.
    I'll Say This His Miracle Never Fads.

    About "6-8 Months" Later Again My Wife
    And I Were Chaperones At The Church TYM Group.
    I Tried To Be More Close To The Church Events After My Experience.
    We Were There For Teenagers Reheasing For a Dance
    Around The Alter At Our Church.
    A Special Day To Commerate Mary.
    My Job Was To Run The Record Player In The Back.
    Ok, They Were Set, I Went In The Back and Started The Music.
    When I Came Around Front The Kids Were Already Dancing.
    Hand Joining Hand In A Large Circle.
    My Wife Was Setting On One of the Seats Along The Side.
    Instead of Just Walking Over To Sit Back Next to Her.
    I Don't Know Why, I Never Do Anything Like This,
    I Never Do Ever Anything Bold, It Was So Out Of Place For Me.
    I Turned and Walked to The Bishops Chair In The Center of The Platform.
    I Sat Down On The Seat, The Music Playing, The Kids Dancing.
    I Just Looked Straight Forward, After a Few Moments And I Heard Myself Say,
    Lord These Are All Your People.
    At That Point My Heart Filled Again.
    His Grace Came Upon Me.
    He Filled Me Again.
    I Was Stunned, Same As The First Time, I Stood Up,
    I Walked Toward My Wife, I Could Hardly Speak.
    I Uttered, He Touched Me Again.
    She Didn't Understand, Who Could.
    I Tell You The Truth, I Can Barely Write This.
    I've Carried This Now For Over 40 Years.
    I've Told Few, People Don't Understand Either.
    They Think I'm Trying To Make Something Out Of Myself.
    This Isn't True, Truly Most Of The Time I Don't Feel Very Great Over Much.

    It Might Have Been a Year Later.
    It Was a Very Cold Maybe January Day.
    I Got Up Early, Kids Running Around Pretty Noises, Getting Ready For School.
    The First Thing I Did Each Morning Was To Open The Blinds Covering The Windows.
    I Got To The Last Window Shade, I Opened It.
    The Sun Was Super Bright This Morning.
    The Light Hit Me In The Face.
    I Just Looked Up Into It and I Heard Me Say,
    Lord Another Day To Learn In The Spirit.
    I Turned and Opened a Hallway Door and Then Another Door
    Going Down To The Basement Stairs To The Leading To Our Cellar.
    Funny, The Minute My Foot Hit The First Stair I Started Lightly Singing,
    With Each Step My Voice Grew Louder and Louder.
    By The Time I Hit The Cellar Floor Downstairs I Was Sing Pretty Loud.
    It Was Though It Wasn't My Voice, Me But a Language Not Mine.
    I Was Completely Filled By The Spirit Of God.
    I Had Come Downstairs To Light The Woodstove Fire, It's Cold Up Here In The Winter.
    I Was Lighting The Fire But With That I Was Laughing and Feeling Like Shouting.
    We Had a Grate In the Ceiling Of the Cellar To Let the Heat Up From Downstairs
    Up Into The House Were We Lived Up Above,
    2 Of The Children Were Leaning Over It Shouting Down,
    Daddy What Are You Singing??
    I Answered I Don't Know But Its Beautiful.
    I Went Back Upstairs After The Fire Got Going.
    I Was Still Lowly Singing the Phrase Over and Over.
    I Was Trying To Find A Tape (in those days) to Record What I Was Singing.
    I Just Didn't Have Any. I Didn"t Know How To Spell It.
    I Ended With scribbling It Phonically On a Piece of Paper.
    My Little 4 yr. Old Daughter Came Into The Parler Area.
    She Said Again, Its Beautiful Daddy What Does It Mean??
    I Had Her On My Lap By Then, I Started To Say I Don't Know.
    By The Time I Opened My Mouth.
    Instead I Just Knew What It Meant.
    This Came Out.


    "Ahh Grande a day ah da day oh (DEO ??), ahh grand da day ah da day."
    "This Is the Grandest of Days Oh LORD, This is the Grandest of Days."

    I Would like to mention something that happened Back in 2001
    We had taken a small Cat in a Tiger Kitten
    A stray found by Friends
    He was probably 6 weeks old
    Later when Bobby had grown to about 4 yrs.
    He was very active, Into everything, One night while we had gone to bed,
    He had climbed up on a banister that surrounded our foyer,
    It was 15 ft. to the Floor.
    From there He had walked on top of the rail
    Around to a point directly above a stone Fireplace
    And he Fell right down on that Fireplace
    Broke His Back, 2/3 of the way down,
    He would walk sliding on his rear legs
    And His lower back was flat against the floor,
    It broke my Heart to see him.
    Well I took Him to the Vet, He just shook His Head
    He of course couldn't do anything
    That night when everyone had gone to bed.
    I sat there stroking Bobbys Head.
    I couldn't do anything,
    Finally, I looked up to God, All I could say was, Lord Bobby Needs you.
    Sadly I went to bed.
    I got up the next morning, came down the stairs.
    When I got to the last couple of stairs.
    There was bobby standing, Straight as an arrow.
    Walking around like nothing ever happened.
    It was like I was Looking At The Lord Straight In The Face.
    What do you think came out of my mouth??

    I realized while weeping before The Lord,
    I was caught up in my mourning
    Ebarrassed Anyone Would Know,

    The Thing I'm trying to say,
    I Ask Him.
    Are there Angels watching me?
    I was embarrassed, These days I wept over everything.
    And The Lord said to me,

    "Were All watching you."